The First Day of the Pre-Journey

It’s my first day of actually working towards this trip and not working—it was a great summer at soccer camp now it’s time for the next adventure.

It’s hard to just find the time to do everything. When not working, you feel like there should be so much, no commitments mean that time should be a plenty right?

Things take time, and work, and energy. Finding that time and putting that energy is exhausting…

Today was spent working at Verve, both shopping for things for the trip and planning on a running project I want to do, probably spent 5 hours there, it’s nice just to have a place to work. The tough part with writing for this and my other project is going to be the showing vs telling, it’s going to be a learning process, hopefully I can work on that here.

The other part of that project is the interviews and Runners in the Wild—right now it’s figuring out how to better interview people as well as. The basic idea is going around and meeting runners on my journey and then finding a way to highlight and tell their story with running. I’ve been thinking out what that will look like as the project and how it converts into the actual product which is a little tough. If anything just finding people to run with on this trip will be fun.

The other half of my time at Verve was going down the rabbit hole of camping gear. Paul Mag’s blog has been helpful and very much in line with my sort of thinking. Budget options combined with quality when you have the money—a tough thing of buying the generalist gear for my trip, but then having something on hand for future trips that might not be as cozy as car camping.

Everything is slowly moving forward.

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