Baby Steps Forward

Today was all about getting stuff done around the house—The joy of “moving” and downsizing to live life in a car. Definitely have found some hiccups in the car which is a little frustrating, the driver’s door side lock doesn’t manually push down to lock, the radio antenna is missing, so that’s going to set me back $10-15, not sure if it’s worth it to fix the lock.

Today I did get to chat with Darrow  and Kevin, who founded The Bird School Project, and is one of the best environmental education programs—I was hoping to visit him in Vermont, but I don’t think that’ll play out now. I did get some good suggestions for some of the essentials (down mummy bag, headlamp with a red light, and the like)—fortunately all this planning falls when there’s quite a few sales at REIBackcountry and the local Patagonia outlet—I already picked up pullover down jacket to keep warm for the trip at 1/2 off.

It’s funny how many small things there are to keep track of: camping supplies, cooking utensils, car supplies, where to go. I’m trying not to get bogged down in the little things so that way I can actually start the trip.  Eventually it feels like I’ll get to the point of just throwing everything in the car and going for it, the clock is ticking so hopefully I can get going sooner rather than later.

One hiccup is the air quality is pretty terrible in the Northwest right now, so I need to see where things are at in the next couple of weeks and see where that might push my path.

Northwest Air Quality Source:


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