A Day for Santa Cruz

I ran early up through Pogonip to UCSC to Wilder—most of it was by myself, which was a neat experience of just being out in upper campus and Wilder running through the thick fog. Was both eerie at 7:00am, with the slightly irrational fear of the mountain lions just waiting for me (although alleviated with the sight of the wild turkeys and rabbits roaming about, definitely a better meal than a distance runner). But it was also meditative to just be out there by myself; I’m looking forward to what that’ll be like in some new places.

Upper Campus at UCSC—Nothing eery about this at all.



Got to check out the Run by the Sea Race after, a fun race, and got to see a lot of local athletes out there who did quite well.

The sites of West Cliff in the afternoon was equally awe inspiring as the foggy redwoods in the morning; in its own special way of course.

Just another afternoon on West Cliff

For the trip I just ordered the Suaoki 400  battery pack/charger for my phone/laptop/lights, it seems like there’s a few out there—and I don’t know if this will be actually what I need, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s definitely more expensive than the DIY route which I was also thinking of, but there’s so many things I’m trying to get done, I’m willing to pay the convenience fee for a device I know will work.

I did spend some time getting lost in youtube (mostly for Honda Element conversions and travel ideas):

  • Phil Chan—Lived with his wife out of a van while abroad and then in an Element currently, while in school
  • Element Van Life—A guy who lives and travels out of his Element
  • Sage Roddy—A man and his dog, who travel in a converted Element, he has a really cozy set up I like

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