On the Road

The constant zing and whrrr harmonizing with the chugging of the big rig parked at the rest stop on Hwy 299 was not exactly the idyllic vision I had for my trip. But after some hiccups, I was on the road.

A decently scenic rest stop

After frantically packing all clothes, kitchen supplies, food, toiletries, more food, which I could have done over the last week, but had procrastinated instead—leading me to hit the road at 4:30 in the afternoon.


The packed Mendeleev
Everything snugly fit in

Those packages which were supposed to arrive Wednesday at 10:30am finally showed up at 2:30pm, the UPS man was really apologetic saying his packer had put it in the middle of the truck and he had tried to get it in the morning, but couldn’t find it. After making sure the cooler and the bins of belonging and the cot actually fit in the Mendeleev, I hit the road.

I hit the toll booth on the other side of San Francisco just as the sun was glowing red setting behind the mountains, I almost found a viewpoint to get a shot of it.

Cruising up I-5, I was planning on making it almost to Shasta, but with leaving late and then the new fire that cropped up just passed Redding and closed down I-5 put those plans to rest. So I hopped on freecampsites.net to find another stopping point. A rest stop on 299…perfect…arrive around midnight, not great, but it would get me close enough for less driving the next day.

So I pulled up to a rest stop at 12:30am, tried to get all my windows covered, unraveled the foam sleeping pad, which didn’t get it’s full 24 hour inflation

time, so was more of a lumpy towel than the 3.9in of inflated foam I was hoping for. And the duct tape I’d grabbed had deteriorated sitting in my garage, so I spent 10 minutes futilely sitting in car trying to cover the back window, just to have it fall off over and over. I was too tired to realize I had clothes pins that would have done the trick right under the cot.

Not only does it not stick, it also leaves a crumbly mess everywhere

About 300 miles in 6 hours down, 5 hours of sleep gotten, next stop Corvallis.

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