Running on the Road

I’ve been pretty spoiled growing up running in Santa Cruz—from the ocean to redwood forest within 5 minutes of each other. Part of this trip is finding other amazing places  to run and people to run with. For my first stop (on day 2 on the road) I got swing by Oregon State and run Peavy Arboretum with outstanding athlete coming out of Santa Cruz County— Mari Friedman. We went up to Peavy Arboretum, Oregon State’s property, and ran through these green lush, forests and filled understory. I foolishly didn’t take any pictures, but it was good to catch up with Mari and see what an amazing program she’s at up here.

No pictures of the trails…but at least I got the trail map

After spending the night out in Monmouth with my grandpa, I headed out to Salem and on a recommendation from Justen, I made my way out to Silver Falls. I made full use of the Alltrails to download some maps. It was a little bit of a trek and climb and slow moving highway, and arrived at pretty full parking lot.

At the trail head

The trail started from the visitor kiosk and wormed its way as a paved trail, parallel to the road—a little off putting for what’s supposed to be this beautiful path. But once you get away from that it was gorgeous; almost all single track, a pretty big loop, with plenty of waterfalls. (The first one I made sure to adjust for the slight altitude and heat (high 70s, so warm compared to Santa Cruz mornings) by taking quick dip in the lagoon below the North Falls to cool off.

North Falls before sliding in
Twin Falls








There’s a reason this place is Oregon’s most visited state park, I’d highly recommend for hiking, running, site seeing or whatever else might bring you out to the trails.

Post run nutrition out of the car.


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