Stocking Up on the Farm With Grandpa

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

My 2nd night on the road paired with a long overdue visit with my grandpa and his property up in Monmouth, Oregon. Arriving right after stopping through Corvallis—the cool, breezy evening was a pleasant surprise for what I was expecting from Oregon weather and the drive up I-5. I got treated to a wonderful dinner and a real bed to sleep in, much better than the awkward rest stop experience the night before.

The morning was greeted by a beautiful, sunny, morning, with perfect temperatures as the sun crested the hills.

The morning view

I got to walk the farm with Grandpa Ron for the first time in over a decade and see it as an adult. Quite a neat property—I guess I was lucky it wasn’t the boiling heat of summer or the snowy cold of winter. He spoiled me with a tasty omelette and potatoes for breakfast. And then stocked me up for my trip with apples off the trees, cabbage straight off the ground, and a variety of other useful bits and pieces (can opener, atlas, leatherman—items normal people would have packed…).

Then back on the road for Salem, Silver Falls, and Portland!

As farm fresh as you can get
Apples and potatoes for the road




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