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Post Group Run with the Portland Running Co

To continue on my running adventures, some quick googling of “running groups portland,” led me to find Portland Running Company—which hosts running events almost every day of the week.

The splattering of rain I woke to and the sprinkles on my windshield made me hopeful for a run in the rain, but those hopes were evaporated away as I made my way closer to downtown Portland and clearer skies.

After being defeated by some one-way roads, I pulled in and joined the crew milling about before the run. This is where trail running in my mind might differ from the general public—I expect nice dirt pathways tucked into meadows or trees— the asphalt path running parallel to the flowingWillamette River was nice, just different.

We did hit some trails about 3 miles in, then crossed one of the many bridges in Portland, and made our way back on the other bank.

Some of the bridges…also some neat clouds

It seemed like half the running group had completed a some sort of road trip, it made for good conversation as we went. There was a couple from Missouri (Jess and Julie maybe? 80% of the group had J names for come weird coincidence) who had just moved out here last April; I learned about their troubles with cars breaking down and extra stays around the grand canyon.

Then there was Maria who had done several road trips, and had the opportunity to work on the road it seems.

Then there was the stoic Joshua…all the when we were almost back, he mentioned his quietness, was more from looking towards the strategically placed portapotty and water at the turn around point, than from some lingering dislike for the rest of us. 

It was great to run with a crew and I hope for some equally fun running experience as I travel along.

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