The Portland Experience

The Portland Experience

Portland is a weird city. Not just in those stereotypical hipster vibes; but in its geographical shaping between two rivers and its rapid urbanization and spilling out into the suburbs. It felt like driving around Santa Cruz…except you had to drive 30 minutes to get into town then what feels like another 30 minutes to get to where you’re going.

But I digress…

I was lucky enough to stay with Max and have him show me around the city.

This kind fellow, drove me all around the city, and gave me a place to stay!

After my run downtown in the morning, we went out to Harlow. Great vegetarian food with the exact cultural feeling I expected from Portland. Just walking down the street to get there it seemed like there were more places to eat and variety than all of Santa Cruz with food trucks, a wide range of variety of different cuisines, and all within a 3 block span.

I met up with Kyle downtown at the Timber’s stadium. A walk back down towards the Willamette revealed a mass of tents comprising the Portland Dragon Boat Festival, which was a huge event of dragon boat races. This was highlighted, not by the odd rowing and and drumming of the sport in the 43 heat of the races, but the announcers proclamation for “Had anyone seen an 85 year old man named Bob, with a black baseball cap and black loafers. Or Bob if you hear this please report to the information tent.” We were relieved to hear Bob made it back shortly after.

Dragon Boats—complete with beating drums

Max and I regrouped and he took me to Great Notion Brewery which won for best IPA. With all the options, the pick 5 flight was the only choice. Now I’m no beer connoisseur and the pangs of hunger from a long run paired with a light breakfast that morning may given me some rose colored glasses—but they were all fantastic.

I don’t know how they did it without artificial flavors (Juice Jr, Ripe, Mandela, Guava Mochi, Chocolate Strawberry)

Staying in a city after 800 miles on the road was a wonderful break, now it’s time for the ventures towards the national parks.

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