Meeting People on the Trails Part 2

After Glacier, I made way to Bozeman, where I used the time to catch up with some things. Also, I got my first run in since getting lost in Spokane. It was nice, but even Bozeman is at 6000ft or so, and I definitely felt the elevation.

A 20ft walk from my campsite

After a night there I went down to the Cherry Creek campground, which may be the best site I’ve stayed at all trip. It was a real campground (well had a vault toilet and no water, but defined sites). Driving in, I managed to just snag the last site there. I got in pretty late, so quickly set up the car to sleep in. I explored Yellowstone the next day, but more on that next time). I got back to my site around 4pm—carefully saved with a water bottle and chair—and was about to take some time for myself when the fellow next to my site came over and asked if he could set up his solar panels near my site. Of course that’s not a bother at all, and he set them up on the edge of the site. I set up my much smaller panel and we got to chatting about the wattage and the trip.

Attempted my solar set up while driving…it didn’t work.

While talking, his family ventured out of their RV and introduced themselves—Gregory and Evelyn and then Kat, Joseph, Melody, Genevieve, and Thomas. It felt very much like the von Traps introducing themselves and was adorable. They wandered off to their own adventures until Greg came back over; “We’re going to grill some burgers, if you want to join us?” I wavered in my response, awkwardly declining, being vegetarian for the last 5 years. “Oh we were vegan for a few months, let me see if I have any veggie patties” A few more pages of my book went by, “We have some, come join us”. How could I say no?

By the time the grill was fired up and I joined them with some salad greens and a couple of avocados freshly picked from Costco up in Bozeman.

It was a great couple of hours with these French Canadians, they were on the road for a couple of months traveling from outside of Alberta. Homeschooling the kids on their travels. I had some veggie patties, grilled veggies, 7 grain wild rice—they even served up some ice cream in an in cream cone. But food aside the better part was the wonderful company and conversation at the campground.

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